Take me on a trip: life post quarantine, local travel and the cleansing line

There’s a life post-quarantine and we’re sure you’re already planning your next trip. Probably somewhere local, somewhere outdoors to run away from your city apartment and live your best cabin in the woods life. 

We understand that travel as we know it will change, and so will the needs of the travelers.  ZEW for men brand cares for everyone’s comfort, health, and hygiene, therefore after doing some thorough research & development, deep experimentation, we’re excited to announce the new addition to our product portfolio – the cleansing, aseptic soap from ZEW cleansing line! 

The silver lining

The soap is truly universal as it is unisex, has no scent, yet leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness once used. It contains silver that helps you meticulously cleanse and care for sensitive skin even in extreme conditions. The colloidal silver contained in the soap is known for its antiseptic (bacterial, viral, and fungicidal) properties and when used regularly it supports deep skin hygiene of our body. It also stimulates the regeneration process of damaged tissues. Supports the formation of new epithelial tissue in the process of multiplication of new cells.

Fight acne even outside of your comfort zone

Skin imperfections tend to worsen when we leave our house. The change in water PH, different air density, or simply a change of pillowcase material can leave anyone with an uncomfortable facial rash, or even worse – prompt acne. As true outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, we understand that our products have to adhere to our internal values. Therefore we made sure that soap caters to those who experience acne problems, and need gentle care for sensitive skin. 

The benefits of using aseptic soap

  • Natural aseptic hand, body and face soap with colloidal silver and charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains
  • Guarantees skin cleanness and protection
  • Prevents skin irritation and redness
  • Moisturises and nourishes the skin
  • Shows balancing and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Effectively regulates the production of sebum, leaving matte and nourished skin
  • For every skin type, in particular, recommended for acne and sensitive skin

Where to next?

Life after quarantine will be marked by change. Change in the way we travel, how we travel, and what we do to take care of ourselves while on the road. Whether it will be a holiday in your camper van, a cabin in the woods or a sleepover in the tent ZEW is here to help and remind you that staying hygienic is a key to a healthy holiday. We’re excited to take part as your travel companion, even if it’s in the body of a soap.

Don’t forget to share your post-quarantine local travel pics, tag us on Instagram, and share your ZEW!

Stay safe, stay adventurous,

ZEW for men team 

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