Going wild: 5 biggest grooming trends during Covid19 quarantine

Let’s get it straight: yes, the world is in crisis! Small businesses are suffering due to Covid19 quarantine and lockdowns, we are experiencing travel and free-movement restrictions, and everyone is trying to practice social distancing as much as our environment or life situation allows us.

Probably you haven’t left the house for days or even weeks, but this is not the time to abandon and stop investing in yourself.  ZEW for men team is here to help you be the best, most dashing version of self during the time of Covid19 lockdown. This week we’d like to motivate you to get out of your comfort zone, be adventurous, and GO WILD! 

Here are the five biggest grooming and self-care trends you should try while spending your time at home: 

1. Surf your natural wave 

Haven’t seen your barber in weeks, and your curls, locks, waves, and hairdos are getting out of control? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. ZEW for men team is missing their barbers too. But here’s what you could try – just rock your natural hair wave. After a wash, let your hair dry naturally. Once it’s dry, style it with your favorite styling products to keep the effortless, natural look. There’s nothing better than exploring and feeling confident in your natural hairdo. 

Create the look with Matte Clay for a natural, no-shine look 


2. Slick it back 

Three to six weeks in quarantine means an opportunity to grow your hair out, but it’s also essential to keep yourself tidy and make sure that the hair is not covering your well-nourished face. Maybe it’s your time to rock a slick back hairstyle? Simply wash your hair, use some stronghold hairstyling product on damp hair and slick it back with a comb. A slick back looks dashing on a man of any age and facial bone structure. It’s perfect for those who are always in a rush.

Create the look with ZEW for men Pomade. It will give a light shine and hold your slick back tight

3. Rock a mustache only look 

Considering if you can pull off a mustache, only look?  This is your time to shave that beard and enjoy a mustache only look, or grow that stash and see how you like this new facial feature. Stay confident and experiment with a new look. However, you should not neglect to nourish your skin and stash hair with oils and hydrating creams. Let the skin that was covered with a full beard breathe. Invest in skin health, use products that are full of antioxidants and inflammation-fighting qualities to reduce the redness after shaving. Growing out a stash for the first time? Don’t forget to replenish it with oils that help your mustache hair stay soft and frizz-free. 

Create the look with the Beard Balm it will nourish the beard and your skin underneath

4. Shave it off 

Sometimes drastic times require drastic measures. Be bold, stay adventurous – if your locks are out of control, and your barber has no time or capacity to help you out, try shaving your hair off, or keeping just a bit of fluff. We know that it sounds a little excessive, but you have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain. Shaving your hair off provides an opportunity to invest in thorough scalp care, healthy hair growth and exploration of a completely new you.

Create the look with the After shave to reduce the skin irritation

ZEW for men is here to support you! Don’t just go off and shave your hair without proper advice. We work with a network of amazing barbers who are always excited to share their tips on such matters. Drop us a line, and we will make sure to supply the best instruction on how to shave at home. 

5. Learn a new hair care routine

Say whatever you want, but the times of rushing are over. There is no excuse to not discover new rituals that would improve your scalp, skin, and hair care. Neglected to condition your hair after shampooing it, never considered using beard oil to treat dry hair ends? Seize this time and make the best out of it. Introduce a new step in your grooming routine and come out of the Covid19 quarantine, looking handsome and feeling healthy. 

Create the look with ZEW for men Nourishing citrus beard oil. For the fresh scent, soft and beard

This is not an easy time for any of us. However, we are sure that we can manage to stay healthy, and caring during these odd times. Care always manifests from within. Invest in self-care and make sure to maintain a healthy outlook on your environment. Maybe you’re not in the mountains or jet-setting the world, but proceed to be adventurous and explore the new you with our quarantine grooming trends! Show us how you practice self-care and ping us via Instagram or Facebook, we’re always excited to see your ZEW!

Stay safe, stay dashing,

ZEW for men team 


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