ZEW for men
ZEW - Natural grooming cosmetics & accessories for men

Where we come from

We know that when traveling, the backpack weight matters – that’s why during one of our mountain trail hikes in the Bieszczady Mountains, we noticed that conventional shower gels and shampoos just don’t do it. Therefore, we decided to create our very own soap bars and shampoos with the needs of modern outdoor travel in mind. Today, we are proud to have developed the ultimate grooming companions for modern outdoor adventures.

Values: nature and sustainability

Our true inspiration is nature. Because it is from nature that we derive the most powerful active ingredients such as charcoal, black Chaga, and hemp. Caring for the planet and wild nature is a top priority for us, so we eliminate unnecessary waste and create products in the spirit of zero waste. Evidence? We sell soaps packed in cartons; our durable razors and brushes will serve you for years. We promote quality over quantity and simplicity over-exaggeration.

ZEW for men stands for:

  • Practical solutions inspired by traveling
  • Quality and simplicity over exaggeration
  • Preservation of nature
  • Sustainability as a driver of innovation
  • Men’s health & positive personal development
  • An active lifestyle and adventurers spirit

Our spirit, rooted in adventure

We constantly seek adventure, love to roam in nature and try to escape the busy city life. Join the ZEW for men community and feel the explorer’s instinct!

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