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Everyone’s skin is different and we know that the skincare product that works well for us might not be the best purchase for you. Over the last couple of weeks, our team decided to do some internal testing and see what products work best for different skin types and skincare routines.

ZEW for men understand that with so many products on the market it can be complex to choose the one that is right for you. In this blog, we’ll discuss different ZEW for men’s product lines and combinations for different skin types.

Step 1 in the skincare routine: Cleanse your skin

Currently you can purchase two different types of soaps for a facial cleanse; Body and Face Cleansing Soap and Aseptic Soap with Colloidal Silver.

The Body and Face Cleansing Soap is a natural soap with charcoal that we derive from the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland. Charcoal, as an active ingredient, is known for its detoxifying and cleansing effect. What is more, the formula contains allantoin and shea butter that leaves your skin smooth after a wash and doesn’t cause dryness. This soap can be used by those who have normal to oily skin for AM and PM routines. Here’s some feedback:

I use the Body and Face Cleansing Soap every day for my evening routine. It foams gently and leaves my skin feeling clean. I do not use any facial toners afterward this soap does a great job leaving my skin feeling fresh.

G. von der Wense, Commercial Lead DACH

body and face

The Aseptic Soap with Colloidal Silver from the Bieszczady Mountains thoroughly cleanses the face, helps speed up skin regeneration process and heals damaged epidermis tissue. The soap has a ph-balancing effect and is hypoallergenic. When used regularly, it refreshes the skin and helps neutralise skin problems. The colloidal silver has antibacterial properties and that is why it is highly recommended for people struggling with acne. It should be used by people with sensitive, irritated or normal to dry skin types.

I have a normal to dry skin type, and as my partner works with ZEW and is skin-obsessed, she recommended the ZEW for men’s Aseptic Soap with Colloidal Silver. I use it every day for my morning routine. I like that it has a natural scent and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

-A.Bayer, customer

Step 2 in the skincare routine: Lock the moisturize

Just recently we welcomed a new addition to our product portfolio; Multi-solution Moisturising Face Cream. The cream visibly improves the elasticity of the skin, provides a long-lasting, deeply moisturising effect. It can be used daily, for your day and night skincare routine.

The cream contains numerous nourishing ingredients such as; argan, coconut, hemp and sweet almond oils, that make your skin feel smooth. The Multi-solution Moisturising Face Cream light formula absorbs easily without leaving an oil film or blocking the pores. The cream can be used for any skin type as the formula makes it easy to layer the cream and increase the intensity of the effect.

For the last two weeks, I applied the cream in the evening after washing my face with soap. I dry my face with the towel and then use a pea-sized amount of cream on my face. In the morning my skin looks fresh and non-greasy.

– G. von der Wense, Commercial Lead DACH

Step 3 in the skincare routine: Beard care and styling

At ZEW for men we strongly believe that you should treat your beard as well as you treat your skin. A lush, well-moisturised beard is a key to a healthy look. Therefore, as a third step we always recommend to use one of our beard oils or balms to style your moustache or beard. Don’t forget to be generous and spread some of the oil on your face in the morning to elevate the appearance of your skin. Here are two recommendations for two different skin types.

Regenerating Dry, Matt Beard Oil with Hemp is dedicated to the daily care and styling of the beard. It gives a matt effect, nourishes, and stimulates hair growth. The oil contains hemp oil, argan oil, and black seed oil which visibly strengthen the beard, making it easy to brush. High concentration of avocado oil provides the proper level of moisture. The dry oil normalizes the skin and creates a matt effect. We recommend it for men with normal to oily skin for the AM routine.

The Hemp Beard Oil has an awesome scent, as well as leaves my beard moisturised, but not oily.

G. von der Wense, Commercial Lead DACH

Nourishing ZEW for men Beard Oil is perfect for people with dry skin and frizzy beard. The oil has fresh, citrus scent, and is designed for daily care and beard styling. Ingredient such as vitamin C brightens the skin, moisturises it, but doesn’t make it look greasy. Nourishing oil also strengthens and softens the beard, facilitates its styling and makes it easy to comb. It can be used by men with normal to dry skin for both, AM and PM routines.

I use the Nourishing Beard Oil not only when styling my beard, but as a finishing layer for my skin to lock in the way my skin feels after the Moisturising Face Cream. It’s such a simple skin hack, and I really see the results for my skin.

– A. Bayer, Customer

How to build your routine with ZEW

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