At ZEW for men, we want to celebrate our fathers, share how they inspired us and gift you 15% off our product selection.
Let’s share the family month together

Milda Skladaityte

International marketing manager at ZEW for men, blogger, brand specialist, yoga and hiking enthusiast

Father and tranquility

One thing I appreciate about my stepfather is his calm and relaxed presents. He is the safe haven of our family. To celebrate him during the fathers month I will gift him the ZEW for men Nourishing Citrus Beard Oil, it's a perfect small but powerful gift. Happy fathers month!
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Georg von der Wense

Sales, marketplace and partnership manager at ZEW for men Germany, coffee trade expert, vivid runner and cyclist

Father and confidence

Growing up, my father has always encouraged me to be confident about my own decisions and to stand by them. Over time, this has taught me the importance of following what you´re really passionate about in life. My father is a true fan of traditional wet shaves and enjoys proper barber treatment. I’d gift him the ZEW for men Wet Shaving set so he can recreate this experience at home.
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Tomek Daszkiewicz

ZEW for men Logistics Specialist, a fan of male care, privately an admirer of nature, animals and rock concerts

Father and honesty

I appreciate my father for his honesty. He taught me many things, these important and these less important. Most often he repeated to me: "How they see you, that's how they perceive you". He took care of his hair, but he didn't like to waste time, so I would give him a 2-in-1 Shampoo x Conditioner with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains.
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Adam Lachowicz

ZEW for men Sales Specialist, brand expert for men's care at the international Cosmoprof fair in Bologna and online mountain travel enthusiast

Father and confidence

My father's sentences "don't let life slip through your fingers" and "don't take life too seriously" stuck in my memory, which taught me that you have to find a balance in everything. I appreciate him for his support, especially in the most difficult moments, and for words of encouragement when I needed them. I would choose the Wet Shaving Set for him as a gift, because that's how his father shaved.
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Juste Skladaityte

Influencer and social media manager at ZEW for men, content creator, streamer and community manager

Father and kindness

From my stepfather, I've learned that kindness does not cost anything and being kind to people will not make you look weak, in fact it will show how mature you actually are. I would gift my stepdad the hemp beard balm, to make his beard a bit softer, so he wouldn’t hurt my mom that much when he kisses her
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Anita Szafranowska

Marketing & PR Manager ZEW for men, an admirer of natural care, healthy eating and travels - she visited 53 countries, including 7 with now less than two-year-old baby

Father and active living

My dad taught me to use life actively. Thanks to him, I learned that the world has no limits and if you just really want something, you can achieve it. Thanks to him, I am able to raise a child while working, constantly travelling and practising my beloved sports. On the occasion of Father's Day, I would give my dad a 3-in-1 Soap for Face, Body and Hair with charcoal, because there is no more practical man than him. He would be delighted!
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Get inspired: find the perfect gift for your father

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