Black Chaga-Infused Moisturizing Face Cream

Visibly improve your skin health with our new antioxidant-packed face cream.

The only moisturizing facial cream you’ll ever need

ZEW for men premium moisturising face cream visibly improves the condition and elasticity of the skin. The cream is gentle, yet effective and provides a long-lasting, deeply moisturizing and regenerating effect. It can be used for both daily and nightly skincare routines or even as a face mask.

Benefits of Black Chaga Infused Moisturizing Cream

The cream contains numerous nourishing ingredients such as argan, coconut, sweet almond, baobab and other oils that make your skin smooth and combat the aging process. It absorbs quickly into your skin while leaving the skin with a natural matt look. At the same time, creating a protective barrier between your skin and harsh outside environments. The facial cream’s light formula does not block skin pores but lets your skin breathe.

A masculine, tree-spice fragrance with notes of bergamot, clove, vanilla, and sandalwood completes the natural effect. The key ingredient of the cream, Black Chaga, contains strong antioxidizing properties that protect the skin against external factors, soothes irritations, and guarantees its healthy look.

Add me to your
skincare regimen:

  • For your daily and nightly skincare routine, or as a facial mask
  • Long-lasting moisturising effect for a healthy look and feel
  • Antioxidizing active ingredients
  • Light, pleasant, and fast absorbing formula
  • Visibly improves skin condition and elasticity
  • Natural matt effect suitable for any skin type

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