ZEW for men
ZEW for men

Natural cosmetics
and high-quality accessories for men

Where we come from

ZEW for men came to life on mountain trails in 2014. According to first ideas, only universal soap bars for the face, body and hair in the form of cubes were to be made, effectively eliminating the need for water as a main ingredient. Why is this important you might wonder? Because when traveling with a backpack weight matters. Why carry water on your back when you can find it in a stream or lake near you. Of course, we do not want to pollute our valuable natural water resources. So we started research and tests, and in 2015, created our first innovation: a 3in1 universal soap stick for washing the face, body and hair. Based on natural ingredients, with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains – a truely inspirational place where wilderness and the ancient tradition of charcoal burning persist.


Our biggest inspiration is nature. It is from nature that we derive the best and most powerful active ingredients such as charcoal and black chaga. We often travel in search of new ingredients, so this is not our last word! Taking care of the planet and wild nature is a top priority for us, so we eliminate unnecessary waste and create products in the spirit of zero waste.

Our values

At ZEW for men, we prefer practical solutions because they save time, space and resources. Evidence? We sell soaps packed in cartons, our durable razors and brushes will serve you for years. We promote quality over quantity and simplicity over exaggeration.

We aim to think global but act local – ZEW for men cosmetics are made to meet the modern man´s needs with active ingredients sourced from the Bieszczady Mountains – one of the last wild forests in Europe.

Charcoal from
the Bieszczady Mountains

Following the 3in1 soap stick innovation, ideas for more products emerged. We observed the persisting deficit of natural cosmetics for men on the market and made it our mission to change that. If you have a beard, then it requires proper care with dedicated products. If you prefer to shave, it’s the razor, aftershave and proper skincare that will give your skin full comfort and the necessary care. That is why we decided to act and created a whole line of products with charcoal, only for men, the use of which is pure pleasure and joy.

Black Chaga

In search for excpetional natural and active ingredients that could build on the success of our charcoal cosmetics line, we created our care products with black chaga. we compliment these with our accessories such as a The Bearded Man´s Brush, hair brush, a practical aluminum soap dish, cosmetic bags, oral care products, and a stylish and practical wet shaving kit with razor and sahving brush manufactued by MÜHLE.

All our innovations are born as a result of numerous consultations and market research. Our priority is to meet men’s needs and make life easier for you, which is why we often ask directly – what do you expect? And we give it to you!

Our products and active ingredients

We offer two lines of cosmetics: cleansing products – enhanced with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains, and care products – with black chaga, as well as high-quality accessories for shaving, grooming, oral hygiene, and practical sets.

ZEW for men

Line with Black Charcoal​

our favorite natural active ingredient can be found in: hair soap, soap for face and body, shaving soap, beard soap, 3in1 soap for face, body and hair, beard lotion, hair pomade, toothpaste and toothbrush hair. Charcoal has a cleansing and refreshing effect. Thanks to its properties, it absorbs pollutants from the environment, and while creating a protective barrier for the skin, charcoal supports skin’s regeneration.

ZEW for men

Line with Black Chaga​

another powerful natural active ingredient, also known as the ‘diamond of the forest’, can be found in: beard oil, after shave balm, and body and face cream. It has a strong healing and cleansing effect. Intensively moisturizing the skin, black chaga visibly smoothens and protects against external factors. Due to its properties and the natural origin in secluded forests, it is an exceptionally valued and rare active ingredient.

The Team

We are a diverse and international team of professionals who specialize in various fields. At the same time, we share the same fundamental values and principles – dedication to quality and simplicity, love for nature and passion for adventure.

Inquiries & Press
+48 226 516 814

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We are constantly working on new exciting projects – connect with us on social media to stay informed about the latest news and prodcut updates from ZEW for men!

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